Somatic Physiotherapy

Your nervous system controls the way you move and the level of pain you feel – and the health of that system can play a major role in managing pain.

Somatic Physiotherapy is a unique combination of physiotherapy and Somatic Experiencing® that supports your nervous system and so helps your body adapt to and overcome pain. Physiotherapy can be guided by your clinical symptoms; Somatic Experiencing® delves deeper and explores the underlying factors that can prevent the resolution of persistent pain.

Who is Somatic Physiotherapy for?

Everyone experiences pain differently and for different reasons.

  • Pain can be present even when you’ve not suffered an injury. If you have persistent pain, and your medical professional explains there is no physiological reason for it, the cause may lie in the health of your nervous system.
  • If you have a long-term physical condition or ongoing injury that causes discomfort and pain, Somatic Physiotherapy can also help you. That’s because there’s a direct link between the level of pain you feel and the health of your nervous system. The right guidance will help you take control of your pain.

Discover Somatic Physiotherapy

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