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Roller Buddies are now available on line

When things get tough take a load off with these lovely Aromatherapy Roller Buddies.

ANXIETY RELIEF for those times of over thinking  and worry Lavender, Rosewood and Ylang Ylang will help bring calm and serenity to the soul.

HORMONE BALANCE for challenging times of change and imbalance, Jasmine, Rosewood and Rose Geranium help to restore your equilibrium.

DE-STRESS in times of stress let Benzion, Vetivert & Chamomile help you relax and unwind.

FOCUSED MIND when your mind becomes foggy and It needs to be alert, let this blend of Rosemary, Bergamot and Lemon give you that extra boost. Great when studying and for Exams.

Immune System Booster

Just what your body needs to help boost and protect your immune system. A blend of oils that help your body fight off the bugs and germs that cause coughs, colds and Flu. A blend of Ravensara, Lemon and Eucalyptus will help strengthen your system and help you breathe more freely. Roll this blend on to your throat and chest  in particular.

Roll on to pulse points, Wrists, Temples, Nape of Neck Chest, back of your ears and even your feet!  100% Pure essential oils with sweet Almond oil to help you ease into any time of day.

Roller Buddies

Roller Buddie
Roller buddie

Have a consultation with Dee

As I have not been able to offer, or receive treatments for the past few months I have been looking at other ways I can offer help to my clients. If you are struggling with stress, anxiety or general aches and pains I am happy to have an online chat with you, and discuss what treatment would work best for you just now, whether that be massage with essential oils, reflexology or facial reflexology both of the reflexology treatments can use essential oils too. Once we have decided what’s best for you I will send you an oil blend tailored for your needs and we can meet again online and I will talk you through the appropriate treatment. If you would like to contact me you can email me on dee@deetaylortherapies.co.uk


Please note that Audrey is running her  meditation classes And Spiritual Development/Counselling 121 sessions online. Contact Audrey on the link below.

 Meditation with Audrey

Next one is on the 30th April at 6.30-8pm 

Meditation is a very powerful tool for self-development.  Sometimes we can think that outside influences are responsible for the way we feel or react.  However, only by focusing on what is inside do we truly get to the root of who we are and what our purpose is.

Do you allow your life to unfold or are you always trying to change or fix it?

Do you ever feel lost or unfulfilled?

A wise woman once told me if you continue to feel like it’s an uphill struggle then it’s not meant to be

Contact Audrey here

All of our Yoga teachers are running their classes on line during this time. Please contact the teachers through the yoga timetable

Nicola McDermid is also offering Reiki and Emmett sessions on line please contact Nicola here

Nicola (Jenicks Massage) is helping clients via 30 minute online appointments available on Tuesday and Friday afternoons-

1. Distance reiki – I send reiki energy healing which may help with anxiety, insomnia, and may also help with general pain. We chat online via zoom, I do some crystal balancing and then send the healing while we are still connected online. This relaxing and balancing treatment is proving popular.

2. Instructed Emmett- I am able to demonstrate moves which you do along with me to help specific pain and restricted movement. E.g. stiff neck, sore shoulder, sore knee, or hip/leg pain. I am also sharing massage and reflexology self-help clips with my clients on Facebook or email.

Contact me for more details. Thanks, Nicola.

Lisa Ryan Somatic Physiotherapy

 At the moment I am advertising a free first class for the Relaxation for Chronic Pain using code FIRST-CLASS-FREE. This is the weekly class that I have every Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings – https://www.facebook.com/events/269196174074287/
Also, I’m running another workshop – Understanding Pain – on June 4th – https://www.facebook.com/events/2647442902180760/

Bernadett Barczi

Is offering an EMF experience on line click here to contact

Experience EMF Balancing online – offered for 10-20 pounds/session (according to your budget) initially.

EMF Balancing, Phases I-IV

Phase I – Harmonizing of Wisdom (Head) & Emotion (Heart)

Helps tune into heart-centeredness, creates coherence between heart and mind. This is essential balance.

Phase II – Strengthens Self-Direction & Self-Support

Works with one’s history. Releases patterns that block and no longer serve progress, and activates patterns that help flourish and serve as support.

Phase III – Radiate Core Energy

Clears smaller energy centres. Balances the flow of Core Energy and intensifies its radiance.

Phase IV – Energetic Accomplishment

Centers in the Now, clears and amplifies the “field of potential” in front of us.



Activate a certain resonance or frequency in your energy field/Lattice/Being and integrate it in everyday life.

The Heart of the Universal Human

Make an evolutionary step in your qualities as a Universal Human. (1 session)

Universal Presence

You are ready to generate new states of consciousness to strengthen your higher reasoning abilities. (4 sessions)

Universal Diplomacy

Calibrate a more harmonious internal relationship with the unique nature of who we are as muldimiensional beings! (3 sessions)

Bridges of Grace

BE the bridge of grace, strengthening the energy and light exponentially. Raise the frequency of energetic awareness for now and future generations.(3 sessions)

8 Gates – the Universal Calibration Lattice Evolves

New gateways are opening within your Lattice®, strengthening the connection between your personal, collective, and universal consciousness. You are an extended expression of the universe, in your daily life. (3 sessions)

Evolutionary Ascension, Spiraling up

Accelerate your personal ascension processes and increase your abilities to accomplish what we came here to do. (3 sessions)

Core Wisdom & Freedom Spirals – the Lattice Evolves Again

The 24 Freedom Spirals are new energy patterns to be used with all 24 Fibers of the Lattice, thus radiating more energy, more life, as you are ready to know and become even more of who you are. (3 sessions)