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Yoga and Aromatherapy Valentines Workshop

Friday 14th February 6.30-8pm with Dee

Show your mind and body some love on valentines day

Come along to a gentle and nurturing candle lit yoga session where we will use some  beautiful aromatherapy oils to soothe the senses and bring the body and mind into perfect loving balance. ( There will be Tea and cake too! ) Contact Dee

Indian Head Massage Intensive

6th-9th March Inclusive   Early bird offer till February 14th £360

A 4 day course Ideal for  qualified therapists or beginners. the course will incorporate 3 case studies and the practical exam.

For therapists with Anatomy and Physiology certificates only 7 hours of case studies  to complete and receive your qualification.

For beginners the A and P must be completed and the 7 remaining hours of case studies before receiving your qualification.

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Reiki Level 1 with Dee 9th February

Learning Reiki can be a life changing experience for anyone who seriously commits to it. Reiki offers a very effective means of nurturing, supporting, relaxing and transforming yourself at every level, and the technique can be learnt by anyone who feels drawn to master it. No particular skill, gift or talent is required at the outset. With the right attitude of patience and a heartfelt desire to help oneself and others, anybody can practise Reiki, even young children (who are often better than adults at it!). No specific knowledge, prior training or experience is needed for you to get started, other than an open mind and a desire to learn and grow. Then all it takes is commitment, time and regular practice to develop and hone your skill.

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 Reiki Support Class 20th February 7.15pm-8.30pm with Dee

This is suitable for all levels of Reiki. A chance for you to talk about your practise and ask any relevant questions. We also have time for a beautiful Reiki meditation. Contact Dee for more info and booking

Emmett With Nicola February 21st 9.30am -6pm


EMM-TECHshort course in easy muscle management.

The course will provide you with tools to simply and effectively trigger a relaxation response in 11 key muscles. For example EMMETT Releases taught will cover the following two moves (plus 9 others taking you from head to foot):

* Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) for neck rotation.

* Latissimus dorsi for where there is a “dragging” under the arm and lower back tightness.

The results from these moves are usually immediate – you will be able to see and feel the changes for yourself and after only a short demonstration and practice you will be able to achieve the same kind of results for you or your friends.

The course costs £100 and runs from 9.30am till 6pm and it includes a Training Guide. PLEASE NOTE – the course is open to all members of the public and no prior knowledge is required. You may use the moves on your friends and family, you will receive a certificate of attendance, but this is not a professional qualification.

Edinburgh dates:  Friday 21st February or Saturday 16th May 2020.

Aromatherapy Workshop with Anne Young and Dee Saturday 22nd February 10am -2pm

This aromatherapy workshop gives you the support you need to learn about aromatherapy and how to blend and use oils safely at home for Friends, Family and for Self Care

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Enjoy an interesting and practical experience where you will learn the basics of aromatherapy
  • Understand the difference between aromatherapy essential oils and base (non-smelling)oils
  • Understand the safety guidelines related to buying, blending, storing and using essential oils
  • Learn about the different methods of blending essential oils and base oils
  • Understand the therapeutic properties of essential oils e.g. Lavender – calming and sedative, Eucalyptus – expectorant and decongestant, Roman Chamomile – anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic
  • Enjoy a “lotions and potions” practical session where you will make (and keep) your own aromatherapy blend
  • A comprehensive course hand out

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Monthly Meditation with Audrey

Next one is on the 27th February at 6.30-8pm

Meditation is a very powerful tool for self-development.  Sometimes we can think that outside influences are responsible for the way we feel or react.  However, only by focusing on what is inside do we truly get to the root of who we are and what our purpose is.

Do you allow your life to unfold or are you always trying to change or fix it?

Do you ever feel lost or unfulfilled?

A wise woman once told me if you continue to feel like it’s an uphill struggle then it’s not meant to be

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