Meditation and Mindfulness

Discover the tools for creating a happy, mindful life at Breath-Works. You can choose:

  • One-to-one coaching from meditation and mindfulness coach Audrey Hird or mindfulness teacher Gillian Duncan
  • Join a mindfulness class to share experiences and support with other members of your class as you learn – find out more below.

Meditation and Mindfulness with Audrey

Audrey learned transcendental meditation in the 80s and has practised meditation in various forms over the years.

Sometimes when we are stressed and anxious we can’t see clearly or find it difficult to make a decision.  Practising meditation regularly, can help reduce anxiety levels and allow you to see the bigger picture with clarity and understanding.

Audrey has taught beginners groups, advanced classes and 1-2-1’s using different techniques and also teaches mindfulness and meditation through Edinburgh Council Adult Education at various High Schools in the city.

  •  Audrey offers individual or group sessions for you at Breath-works

She is available for corporate group sessions and can come to your workplace or your home should you have a group of friends who want to try it out.

For more information:

Mindfulness courses

MiN workshops

…from The Moment is Now

The Moment is Now run regular mindfulness courses at Breath-Works, including courses suitable for beginners and for people already familiar with mindfulness:

  • Eight-week mindfulness courses: eight weekly sessions of two hours to help you develop a toolkit of mindfulness skills for improving your focus, resilience and sense of well-being and managing stress and anxiety. As part of the course, you’ll get free online access to each week’s guided meditations and reflections—so, if you can’t make it to the group one week, you never miss out!
  • Deepening your mindfulness practice: six weekly sessions of 1 hour 30 minutes to help you deepen your practice and keep it alive. Ideal for anyone who has completed an eight-week mindfulness course. The course explores obstacles to practice and how you can overcome them and includes guided meditations and new practices to add to your mindfulness toolkit.

Find out about course dates and times.

Mindfulness courses at Breath-Works are led by The Moment is Now’s  Mindfulness Association accredited teachers. Find out about the tutors.