About Dee

Dee Taylor is a Yoga teacher with 500 hours teacher training.

Dee’s well-being therapies include Reiki and Reflexology. Dee has been running her established well-being therapy and Yoga business since 2004 and includes Teaching Reiki in her well-being offerings.

Dee believes that through her well-being therapies and Yoga she can help people feel better, improve their health and help keep their bodies free from illness.



Dee began studying Reiki in August 2005. This treatment is different from the others as there is little or no touch. Reiki can have profound results. It works with the body’s energy and can help balance the mind, body and the spirit. It’s great for relieving stress and tension, and also boosts the auto-immune system which stimulates the body’s natural healing process. Dee is now a Reiki Master Teacher and started teaching small classes in 2011.  Contact Dee for more information on Reiki courses.


Dee studied Reflexology at The Academy of Aromatherapy and Massage in Falkirk, and qualified in April 2006. She has been using this therapy to treat many ailments, with wonderful results. There was an increase of mobility and less aches and pains from an arthritis sufferer and general feelings of well-being and comfort from other clients.

Dee believes that her well-being therapies can help anyone achieve optimum health with regular treatments being an essential part of a healthy lifestyle regime.

Dee is a qualified Ashtanga Yoga and Dru Yoga Teacher, and a member of the Yoga Alliance.

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Dee recommends…

 Photo of Wellbeing Self-Love Coach, NinaWellbeing Self-Love Coaching with Nina

Nina specialises in helping people combat negative self-talk and empowering them, helping them to feel good enough & worthy, so they can choose happiness, whatever the situation. Reach a positive mindset with appropriate support and accountability, health and happiness and the life you want to lead. Everyone can feel better than they know; they just need to learn how and equip themselves with the right tools.

Dee says: “Nina offers blissful yoga and dietary advice to soothe the soul!”

More about Nina: https://www.withnina.com/about

Get in touch with Nina: wellnesswithnina@outlook.com or 07739 850041

Photo of Audrey HirdMeditation, spiritual development/counselling, Indian Head Massage & Reiki with Audrey

Audrey believes physical symptoms can manifest through emotional stress and anxiety but with the help of alternative treatments like these, you can learn to change your mind-set and therefore relieve the pain. Audrey says we all have the opportunity to connect to ourselves in a spiritual way that offers us clarity, confidence and a flow to life that confirms who we are and why we are here.

She aims to support you through a process which allows change to take place, bringing balance and harmony back into focus.

Dee says: “Audrey has an amazing ability to tune in to what’s going on with me and offers appropriate guidance and support.”

More about Audrey: https://www.audreyhird.co.uk/about

Get in touch with Audrey: info@audreyhird.co.uk or 07738 272558

Photo of Nicola McDermidMassage and Reiki with Nicola

Nicola McDermid is a massage therapist and a Callanetics exercise teacher who practices various types of Massage and Reiki. Her qualifications include diplomas in Holistic Swedish massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Seated Acupressure Massage, Deep Tissue massage, and Myofascial Release techniques. She is also trained in Indian Head Massage, Usui Reiki, Reflexology and Fertility and Pregnancy Reflexology.

Dee says: “Nicola is so skilled in massage, reflexology and Emmett technique; she always knows what treatment or combination of treatments to offer that will work best for any pain or tension I am feeling.”

More about Nicola: https://www.jenicksmassage.co.uk/background.php

Get in touch with Nicola: jenicksmassage@hotmail.co.uk or 07814 004760

Julia Lister, The Word EngineWebsite support from Julia Lister, the Word Engine

Writing and editing websites and newsletters for small businesses is what gets Julia out of bed in the mornings! She’s worked for big corporations, third-sector organisations and in the public sector, but small, private sector businesses are by far her favourite to work with. She says “The enthusiasm and passion of small business owners is so infectious it makes them a joy to work with!”

Dee says: “Julia is such a great asset to Breath-works;  for a totally non-techie person, Julia is a Godsend!”

More about Julia: thewordengine.co.uk

Get in touch with Julia: julia@thewordengine.com