What’s on 2024

Sunday 3rd December 10am-5.30pm at Blackhall Court Yoga


Reiki therapy is a form of stress reduction and energy balancing. It can be used by anyone as an effective technique for deep relaxation, inner peace and well-being. Reiki can also be used as a spiritual practice for personal growth and development.

The Reiki  Training Level 2 course takes you to a deeper understanding of Reiki energy and, after completing this level and the course case studies, you can work towards getting a professional certificate as a Reiki practitioner.

Reiki Level 1 must have been completed before taking this Level 2 course

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Saturday 6th January 2024 10am-12pm at Blackhall Court Yoga

DETOX and RENEW Yoga workshop

Join me for a morning of gentle yoga, leaving 2023 behind and setting intentions and plans for 2024. Working on our immune system to keep our bodies healthy and energised.

There will be time for tea and coffee and healthy goodies too.

Contact me here is you would like to come along

Saturday 6th January 2024 2pm-4pm at Blackhall Court Yoga

‘A Yoga workshop for those who think they cannot bend’

I so often hear people say, oh I would love to do yoga but I am just not, flexible, I can’t bend, I can’t touch my toes…………………….

So for all of you who think you can’t, please come and join me and start 2024 knowing that you can.

We will do some gentle yoga, some sitting, using blocks and supports if you need them but  I bet you surprise yourself and maybe even enjoy the class.

There will be time for tea, coffee and healthy goodies too.

Contact me here if you would like to come along

Sunday 11th February 2024 10am-5pm Blackhall Court Yoga

Reiki Level 1

This one-day course will attune you to Reiki level 1 energy – Level 1 is about self healing. Limited places are available (maximum 8 people). The small classes give people one-to-one support in a small supported environment.

Why learn Reiki?

Learning Reiki  can be a life changing experience for anyone who seriously commits to it. Reiki offers a very effective means of nurturing, supporting, relaxing and transforming yourself at every level, and the technique can be learnt by anyone who feels drawn to master it. No particular skill, gift or talent is required at the outset. With the right attitude of patience and a heartfelt desire to help oneself and others, anybody can practise Reiki, even young children (who are often better than adults at it!). No specific knowledge, prior training or experience is needed for you to get started, other than an open mind and a desire to learn and grow.

For more info    https://www.breath-works.co.uk/reiki-level-1/

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