Learn to practice Reiki

Want to train as a Reiki therapist?

Learning to practice Reiki could be one of the most life enhancing choices you ever make, bringing you new insights to your own health, happiness and relationships. As you start working with this loving and compassionate energy you will find it supporting you to grow, develop and change in all sorts of exciting and unexpected ways.

Reiki is not just a tool for helping others; above all else Reiki enables us to find our true path in life and begin to fulfil your own true potential.

Healing Hands | Reiki Training | Breath-Works Edinburgh

You can get started at Breath-Works with training courses from Dee Taylor, Usui Reiki master.

Class sizes are limited to a maximum of eight people; these small classes give you one-to-one  support in a supported environment.

Reiki Training Level 1 (beginners)

Do you want to:

  • Learn more about holistic health and well-being?
  • Empower yourself and develop your self awareness?
  • Bring more peace, joy and balance into your life?
  • Discover an effective personal development tool?
  • Overcome destructive thoughts, behaviour or habits?
  • Do more to help/support yourself and others?

This one-day course will get you started, attuning you to Reiki Level 1 energy. This course is all about self healing. Find out more about this course…

Reiki  Training Level 2

Level 2 takes you to a deeper understanding of Reiki energy. After completing this level and the course case studies  you can work towards getting a professional certificate as a Reiki practitioner. Find out more about this course…

Reiki Support Classes

The Reiki support class is suitable for all levels of Reiki Training. These  are informal classes give you the opportunity to ask Usui Reiki master Dee and the rest of the group, questions about Reiki practise and other relevant topics. We also create a safe space for discussion before delving into a deep, healing and lovely meditation using Reiki energy too. Find out when the next class is…