Reiki Training Level 1

This one-day course will attune you to Reiki level 1 energy – Level 1 is about self healing. Limited places are available (maximum 8 people). The small classes give people one-to-one support in a small supported environment.

You will receive a manual on the day.

Why learn Reiki?

Learning Reiki  can be a life changing experience for anyone who seriously commits to it. Reiki offers a very effective means of nurturing, supporting, relaxing and transforming yourself at every level, and the technique can be learnt by anyone who feels drawn to master it. No particular skill, gift or talent is required at the outset. With the right attitude of patience and a heartfelt desire to help oneself and others, anybody can practise Reiki, even young children (who are often better than adults at it!). No specific knowledge, prior training or experience is needed for you to get started, other than an open mind and a desire to learn and grow. Then all it takes is commitment, time and regular practice to develop and hone your skill.

  • Intrigued to learn more about holistic health and well-being?
  • Want to empower yourself and develop your self awareness?
  • Want to bring more peace, joy, balance into your life?
  • Looking for an effective personal development tool?
  • Want to overcome destructive thoughts, behaviour or habits?
  • Want to do more to help/support yourself and others?
  • Feeling tired, anxious, depressed or overwhelmed?
  • Wanting support in dealing with past hurt or trauma?
  • Want to improve your health and vitality and enjoy life more?
  • Feeling stressed, run down or out of balance?
  • Want help with a challenging problem or illness?
  • Feeling unwell or suffering any kind of pain or grief?
  • Trying to support a sick or troubled friend, relative or pet?
  • Interested in developing your psychic abilities?
  • Want to understand more about the mind/body connection?
  • Interested in learning more about your spiritual nature?

Learning to practice Reiki could be one of the most life enhancing choices you ever make, bringing you new insights to your own health, happiness and relationships. As you start working with this loving and compassionate energy you will find it supporting you to grow, develop and change in all sorts of exciting and unexpected ways, Reiki is not just a tool for helping others; above all else Reiki enables us to find our true path in life and begin to fulfil your own true potential. Once you commit to learning Reiki, you will gain a completely new perspective on life, health and happiness.

Reiki Training Level 1 dates and prices

Dee will be teaching Reiki level 1 on the following dates:

  • 11th February 2024

The courses run from 10am till 5pm and costs £175. A £75 deposit will secure your place – final payment is due three weeks before the course starts.

Book your place

Please read the terms and conditions below and then book your place here:

Pay your deposit here

  • Your place is only confirmed on receipt of the full payment due in advance of the course. If paying by bank transfer, your place is not confirmed till the payment is received. We do not hold bookings for bank transfer payments. Please contact us for bank details to send a payment.
  • No refunds are offered but with a min of 28 days notice, places may be transferred once to another date (subject to availability).
  • A request will be sent to you for the final payment 3-4 weeks before the course. If this is not paid within 7 days of the email date, you will lose your place and your deposit.
  • While we take every precaution possible Dee Taylor Therapies will not be held responsible for loss or damage to your personal belongings or safety while on the premises where the courses take place.
  • Please inform us by email if you are taking any medication or suffering from any illness/ill health in advance of attending.
  • Please do not decrease/stop any medication you are receiving from your medical care provider unless they advise you to do so.
  • Discounts – only one discount applies at any one time unless advised
  • If you give notice that you can’t attend a course with less than 28 days notice of the course date, it may be possible to transfer to another date with an admin charge of £35 payable. This is at the discretion of Dee Taylor Therapies and will be assessed on a case by case basis.