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My Top 10 Aromatherapy Oils

I have been working with Aromatherapy oils for over 20 years and I thought I would let you know what oils I use for different ailments and conditions. My oil box has changed over the years and I have found that if I find the scent of an oil a bit hard to accept I maybe need to look into it more and work with it before I discard it completely. I am going to share my thoughts and experience on my top 10 oils. Not in any specific order

Benzion is an oil that I use a lot these days and have done for many years as I find the benefit for dealing with stress and insomnia amazing, I used to dislike it as a scent but now I find it soothing and comforting with its slight hint of chocolate, it is a great oil for grounding, if you feel you have too much going on in your head and the mind chatter is just incessant then Benzion will bring you back to Earth, gently and calmly.

Vetiver is another oil that I use a lot and I often blend with Benzion when I feel a person is extremely stressed and not sleeping or coping well. It’s a calming for emotional burnout too, bringing the emotions back to a level ground. Vetiver is another very earthy oil that is great for grounding and brining into the now. If a person is suffering from Grief and feeling scattered and unsure of what to do next I would blend some Frankincense in with the Vetiver blend.

Frankincense is a beautiful oil and really gentle and supportive of those who are Grieving. This oil has many strings to its bow and is fantastic for the skin especially as we get older in years, it makes a wonderful nurturing hand or face cream. It’s a supportive and peaceful oil that brings a sense of calm and serenity to those who are receiving it. It is an oil for relaxation and for meditation. It blends well with Rose absolute for a delicate and nurturing blend. A favourite blend of mine is Lemon, Lavender and Frankincense, I find this blend uplifting, soothing and deeply relaxing.

Lavender is often touted as’ the relaxation remedy’. Lavender is a mood-stabiliser and sedative, can relieve anxiety and insomnia, and has also been shown to help reduce menstrual cramps and eczema. Lavender is great for burns, so a good oil to have in the kitchen! This is the only oil that I would say you can use direct on the skin. Lavender is great for relieving headaches and can be gently massaged into the throat to help relieve a tickly cough. Its great for helping with sleep issues (studies using lavender for sleep show great improvement in sleep and fewer trips to the toilet in the night too) so an all-round great oil for calmness and relaxation. I would blend Lavender with many oils depending on the desired outcome of the treatment. I would add it to a Benzion and Vetiver mix to add some gentleness to a de stress blend if the person was struggling emotionally. I would add it to Geranium and Jasmin for a balancing feminine massage. I think my list is almost endless for this versatile oil, no home should be without Lavender!

Read about research into lavender and sleep here.

Rose is divine and just 1 drop will do it, its an oil that I use a lot and feel it’s a real treat every time I do. It feels tender and gentle, caring and soft. I feel it works past the skin and the muscles and goes deeper into our soul. I find it sooths the minds and nurtures the deepest parts of us. I blend it with Frankincense for those who are grieving, I would bring in some lavender too for some extra support. I blend it with Jasmin and Neroli for a truly nurturing and comforting massage. When I massage Rose oil into my own skin I feel that I have really looked after and taken care of myself.

Read about rose oil and sleep here.

Jasmin is often referred to as The King of Oils which Davis (2005) attributes to its ‘masculine nature’ being viscous, dark orange-brown in colour, with an ‘animal quality’ and a long lasting aroma. Jasmin oil is a sensual oil and great anti-depressant, and like Rose oil works deeper than just skin and muscles. And again like Rose it has an affinity with the female reproductive system, it’s good for balancing hormones, and calming the mind. It’s great for reducing anxiety and helps with releasing fears and any associated tension or emotions held in the lower abdomen and sacral chakra. I remember a client saying that she had felt angry after her massage with Jasmin oil, so sometimes emotions come up to be released. Please note that that was a one off and everyone’s experience will be different.  It’s a beautiful oil.

Bergamot Ahh the oil of sunshine and happiness, this is a really uplifting oil one I associate with summer, (though be careful having it on your skin in the sunshine like all oils). Bergamot is a gentle and nurturing oil, it comes from the Orange blossom and has that tenderness about it. It is cheering and delicate, I like to blend it with Geranium and other citrus oils like lemon or grapefruit for a truly uplifting and balancing massage, and also with lavender. Bergamot is a valuable oil for depression and anxiety as it is uplifting to the spirits with-out being a stimulant, it is a relatively relaxing oil.

Geranium is the oil of balance, I find this great for balancing hormones, it blends well with Lavender and Rose and most other floral oils, Its good for PMT and menopausal imbalances, its good for fluid retention and swollen ankles and legs if on your feet all day. Its an uplifting oil and blends well with citrus oils for an uplifting and balancing treatment.

Lemon is a very versatile oil great for the immune system and especially good for sinus issues. I use it in a blend with rosemary and black pepper, bit like a salad dressing but great for sore and tight muscles. As I mentioned earlier I blend it with lavender and Frankincense for an uplifting and relaxing massage. I use it with Ravensara and Eucalyptus for a winter blend to boost the immune system. Lemon is good for the circulation and varicose veins.

Ravensara is another oil I use in the winter to boost the immune system, this oil is great anti-viral and I feel really protects against bugs. I tend to use it from October onwards and rarely get a cold or flu. I use this oil with my clients too and have great results and I feel that I am doing my bit to keep them healthy. I do of course use this at other times of year as well.

Remember that we can use essential oils in a burner and on to a tissue for the aroma with good effect. Also in the bath but they need to be diluted before you put them in the water, so a few drops in a base oil, anything from grapeseed oil to extra Virgin olive oil will do but definitely need to be diluted to prevent burning the skin. Put your oil blend in the bath before you get in and swirl the water to disperse the oils. Relax and enjoy.