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Anxiety relief with essential oils

Anxiety is a horrible feeling. The mind doesn’t seem to stop going over and over everything, every conversation and every action, every miniscule detail of everything. It’s exhausting! In this post, I talk about my experience of using a lesser-know essential oil to help clients with anxiety.

Many of the clients I talk to have been suffering from anxiety and stress which shows itself in many different guises. Some don’t sleep well, some stop eating, some over-eat or binge on chocolate and sugar, some drink excess alcohol. All these crutches are ways people try to block the anxiety they are feeling.

I use essential oils every day, whether it is one specific oil or a blend. I use them to help me focus, to ground my energy and sometimes I use them to protect my energy from colds and bugs that are going around. I feel that they have so many different properties and benefits and sometimes you only need 1 drop.

When I last put in an order for essential oils I decided to try something new. It was an oil I hadn’t used before but a plant I had had in a tea that I found quite a good substitute for Chamomile as an evening ‘before bed’ drink. Valerian Root was the oil that I bought. My first reaction is to open the lid and have a sniff… well it is quite a different smell – foostie or musty I think is the best way to explain it.  The Valerian tea had had quite a pleasant taste and really helped with relaxation.

I have used this oil with a client who was suffering from bereavement and finding it difficult to sleep and feeling quite stressed and upset in general. I asked if she would be willing to try my new oil and she decided that I could put 1 drop in the blend and see if it helped. I made up a blend with Vetivert and Frankincense and 1 drop of Valerian root.

  • The Vetivert I use for clients who are suffering from stress – I find this oil is really grounding and great for bringing the energy back to Earth.
  • The Frankincense is a lovely oil that helps with grief and anxiety; it has a gentleness that I feel works from the heart.

So the massage was carried out and my client left chilled out and happy. I had asked her for feedback and the next day we spoke and she said she had had the best sleep she had had in weeks. Great news!

On the same day, I had another client, one who suffers a lot from anxiety. It comes and goes in his life and he has various tools that he finds beneficial, aromatherapy massage being a favourite. I mentioned my new oil to him and he was delighted to try it and, as his anxiety was particularly bad that day, he was happy with 2 drops in the blend. For this treatment I used Benzoin and Bergamot and Valerian root.

  • Benzoin is another oil I use for stress; it is really grounding and gentle.
  • Bergamot is a beautifully uplifting oil and one of my clients’ favourites and complimented the blend.

Again, the massage was given and the client left very chilled out and happy. I had again asked for feedback and this client said he had been feeling anxious when he left work prior to his treatment, but the treatment had lifted it. He had also slept really well and felt much better the following day.

So, from these 2 case studies I feel that the Valerian root oil is really beneficial. It is “a bit wiffy” but, when blended well, it is really effective. I have had a think about the Valerian root and decided that it is really good at helping with sleep issues but what if we are struggling with the mind chatter more? I have been using Rosewood oil for this and it is a beautiful oil; it smells great too! And I have brought it into the mix for my Roller Buddies for Anxiety relief, alongside some Lavender and Ylang Ylang. It’s a really beautiful blend and helps with sleep issues as well as the mind chatter.

A review of the Anxiety relief Roller Buddie

Dee Taylor Therapies - Anxiety Relief Roller Buddie - handmade essential oil product

I gave an Anxiety relief Roller Buddie to a friend who suffers from anxiety and here are her thoughts on the blend using it over a weekend period.

JD’s notes:

Friday: Applied oil to pulse points before sleep. The scent was subtle, but calming and comforting and I fell asleep quickly.

Saturday: Today, I used the oil both on my pulse points and also by using a few drops in a diffuser while I did some yoga and meditation.  I felt more benefit from the oils when using them this way (in the diffuser as well as on my skin) and the scent lasted longer.  I noticed that I didn’t have the urge to rush through my routine or meditation at the end of my practice, and I think the oils helped with that.

Sunday: I used some of the oil in the bath after a long walk. My skin felt amazing afterwards and I felt like I could breathe more easily (I had a head cold over the weekend). Similar to yesterday, breathing in the vapours had more of a long-lasting relaxing effect than applying the oil to my skin only.

Monday: I had quite a tight chest today (some work-related anxiety stuff), so I massaged in some of the oil into my collarbone and throat. I felt much more relaxed afterwards and it also encouraged me to do some breath work and meditation, which definitely soothed my anxiety.

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